Masks for Smoky Conditions

Choosing the proper particulate mask to protect you from the adverse effects of wildfire smoke is critical.  Only masks with NIOSH and N95 or N100 printed on them are classed as particulate respirators and filter out smoke.  Particulate masks come in many sizes, shape and colors so it is important to verify the N95 rating before using.


A proper fit is essential for making the mask work, so follow these guidelines:

  • Choose masks with two straps that are placed above and below the ears.  Masks with one strap or hooks over the ears are convenient but do not provide the seal needed
  • Choose a size that fits over your nose and under the chin for a tight seal
  • Some masks have a metal tab across the nose that can be adjusted by gently press down.  Other masks provide a foam pieces to create a seal

Use a new mask daily or when it gets harder to breathe through.  If the inside becomes dirty replace the mask immediately.  If you become dizzy or nauseated find a less smoky location and remove you mask then seek medical advice. 

If you have a respiratory condition or heart problems please contact your health care provider before utilizing these masks.

Examples of N95 Masks available during this emergency situation:

Masks for Smoky Conditions PDF