Community Involvement

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The Environmental Trust (ET) Program relies on community input when searching for information vital to planning and/or finalizing projects. This information is essential in making projects on the Colville Indian Reservation successful.

ET and Recycling Programs co-sponsor Earth Day, America Recycles Day, and educational outreach events at all schools on the Colville Reservation. Environmental Trust also held a Native Youth Artist Competition to encourage youth to showcase their artistic abilities.

The 128(a) Tribal Response Program holds a annual meeting to update concerned citizens on hazardous waste sites on the Colville Reservation and present an action plan to remedy these issues.


ET post public notices for Reservation Communities when water or air quality levels are impacted by elements making them unhealthy or unsafe.

ET conducted a survey and the results will be used to estimate exposure from pollution and to encourage healthy diets and lifestyles for those living on the Colville Reservation.

The Upper Columbia River Tribal Consumption and Re-source Use Survey is one of the largest ever done on a Tribal population. A total of 5,469 surveys were administrated by Tribal Employees or descendents.

The survey found that 1,421 people refrained from using or avoided any resources from the Upper Columbia River or Lake Roosevelt because of contamination or pollution.
The top 10 local foods consumed are: Deer, Huckleberries, Elk, Moose, Wild Strawberries, Wild Raspberries, Bitterroot, Camas, Upland Birds (e.g. Wild Turkey) and Wild Mushrooms.

Our goal is to improve the lives of the community members, provide a healthy environment for all creatures, and protect the natural resources for future generations.

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